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I have written the book exclusively for guitar teachers who are looking to start or grow their teaching business.

Teaching & Business

In the guide I cover a range of topics both on best teaching and business practices so you succeed.

30+ Years of Experience

I started teaching guitar in the 1980's but have also worked with guitar teachers around the world and I know this book will help you.

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The secret to earning is learning. I am an avid reader of business books and this guide is packed with business advice.

They Say

Paul Andrews

Ashford, United Kingdom

"There have been many ups such as earning enough from the business for my wife to stop working. Hitting 100 students was obviously a big accomplishment and open days are still proving a big winner. Thank you to David Hart and all the G4 Network for the inspiration and motivation to help get through the year."

David Minns

Orange County, CA, United States

" Whoo Hoo, I'm fully booked and starting a waiting list. I now have students across different states and time zones. International would be next"

About G4.

G4 GUITAR was officially established in 2005 but was the result of David Hart's decades of guitar teaching experience. The first school opened in Sydney, Australia but has now expanded to teachers around the world.