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Learn With A G4 GUITAR Teacher 

You can now learn with one of our teachers in person or online from the anywhere.

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4 Benefits of a G4 GUITAR Teacher


Only a teacher can provide the all important feedback you need to correct your technique. Poor technique can stall your development and may even prevent you from progressing beyond the beginner level. 


Learning a new skill or concept is a bit like a puzzle. You might be able to work it out eventually but it's much quicker to have someone guide you through the steps. A teacher will save you valuable time. 


Humans are social and as a result we feel a social responsibility. This means that we are more likely to follow through on something when we know someone else is watching or checking in on us. A teacher gives us the accountability we need.


80/20 refers to Pareto's Principle which says 20% of the effort produces 80% of the result. A certified G4 GUITAR teacher will help you to apply this idea to your practice and learning experience so you reach your guitar goals a lot sooner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to learn to play guitar?

This is not an easy question to answer as it depends on what you mean by 'learn'. As a general guide we say it takes about 100 hours practicing the right things correctly to reach a level of compentency. The idea then is to make sure you are practicing the right things in the right way.

How often do I need to practice? 

It really is up to you provided your expectations align with how often you are actually practicing. What matters most in the early weeks and months is routine because you want to develop the habit of daily practice. When you develop the habit you are setting yourself up for success.

How much does it cost to learn with a G4 teacher? 

Our teachers are located around the world and prices vary according to location but as a guide we do offer an online lesson 5 week course for $99. If you are interested send us a message and we will direct you to a G4 teacher. 

Will I be able to learn the songs I want?

Most songs will be challenging for you in the early stages because you need time to develop the necessary skills such as chord formation, strumming, picking etc. We focus heavily on developing these skills early and often so you can be playing the songs you like sooner. Patience is the key of course but we will get you there in the quickest time possible.

Can I teach myself guitar using G4 GUITAR? 

The answer is yes but we don't recommend it. Getting help from an experienced teacher will not only speed up the learning process it will make the whole experience more enjoyable. 

What kind of guitar do I need to learn? 

Almost any guitar will do but we often recommend an electric. Electric guitars are versatile and easy on the fingers. If you prefer an acoustic that is of course fine too but make sure it's not too hard on your fingers. Comfort is important.

Teach yourself but...

If you prefer to teach yourself I recommend you take a few lessons with one of our teachers first. They will take you through the important basics to set you on the right path.

Online Lessons with a teacher

Nothing beats a real live in person teacher but the very next best thing is online lessons with a certified G4 GUITAR teacher online.

Studio lessons with a teacher

Lessons in person with a certified G4 GUITAR teacher is definitely the best way to learn guitar.  

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