Playing guitar is a skill. Before playing songs you need to acquire some basic skills. At G4 GUITAR we use a skills based approach to help you become a better player. We understand your goal is to play songs but when you take a skills based approach to learning guitar you simply get better results. To put it simply, most guitar teachers and most methods do the opposite of what professional musicians do when it comes to practicing guitar. Professionals focus on skills first. This is the reason so many guitar students become frustrated trying to learn songs. They have not yet developed the skills necessary to play songs.  Start with the skills and the songs will come easily.

Is G4 GUITAR right for you? 

To answer this question here is what we do;

  1. We focus on electric guitar because of it's versatility. You'll learn the skills to play a range of  styles from rock to pop to blues to jazz & more. 
  2. We use a proven structured method. A guitar method allows you to know where you are going and to track your progress. 
  3. We have a strong emphasis on skills. Playing songs is why we learn guitar, but a solid grounding in the fundamental skills is how we easily play songs.
  4. We focus on deliberate practice. This means what to practice, how to practice and how long to practice to progress. We remove the guess work.
  5. Step-by-step progressive exercises. Studies have shown that a sense of progress is the key to success. We have developed a method that will allow you to improve in small easy steps.

G4 GUITAR Teachers

Our philosophy is to teach you the skills of guitar so you can easily play your favourite songs. Most people who take up guitar are motivated by a song, an artist or a band. Most guitar teachers know this fact and respond by teaching you songs. This may seem logical at first but in fact it's setting you up to fail. Here's why.

Most songs are too difficult for beginner guitar students. The songs you want to play were likely written and recorded by very experienced guitar players. Attempting to play most songs without the skills will only result in frustration and you will likely quit. So what do successful students do instead? 

Most successful guitar students start out much the same. They try learning songs and become frustrated. They eventually start practicing the essential skills until they get good enough to play songs. It's what you might call the long road. The short road is to simply begin with the essential skills and that's what we do at G4 GUITAR.

Our goal at G4 GUITAR is to help you to play guitar sooner. By focusing 80% of your attention on the fundamental skills you will be able learn songs more easily. You will also sound better because skill development is about quality and quantity. Two people can play the same song yet sound very different. Focusing on skills is the key to sounding like a pro.

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We have certified G4 GUITAR METHOD teachers in Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom and United States. G4 Guitar teachers have access to the most up-to-date training available to ensure students a great learning experience. G4 teachers aim to meet a high standard of excellence in teaching and of course G4 teachers followed our structured method that helps to improve your chances of success on guitar. 

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3 Guitar Programs for 3 Age Groups 

Young beginner series. 3 to 6 years old.

Junior Series. Ages 7-12 years old.

Senior Series. Ages teens to adults.

5 Common Beginner Guitar Player Mistakes 

No plan, no structure

Trying to learn guitar without a plan is like trying to navigate without a map. You will likely  waste a lot of time.

Skipping over the fundamentals

Rushing through or skipping over the fundamentals to learn songs too soon will only lead to frustration. It's important to take the time to learn proper technique such as hand positioning, posture, basic skills etc before trying to learn a song.

Not making enough time for practice

Consistent practice is key to developing muscle memory and building skills. Practicing for just 10 minutes each day is better than practicing for 2 hours once a week. It's important to schedule time each day to practice and make it a part of your routine.

Too Much Too Soon

Overloading yourself with too much in the beginning is a one way ticket to overwhelm and ultimately quitting guitar. Start small and focus on a few fundamentals.

Forgetting why you decided to learn guitar

Why do you want to learn guitar? Whatever your reason write it down now. The enjoyment of learning often fades because we forget why we started in the first place.  Sure some days practice will seem like a chore but if you aren't enjoying the learning process something is wrong. 

How To Avoid The Beginner Mistakes

Learn using a method with a teacher

As they say, any plan is better than no plan.  When it comes to learning guitar, there are a few options to consider: using a guitar method, working with a teacher, or a combination of both. As a beginner start by choosing from three basic styles: acoustic, electric, or classical guitar. Once you've made your decision, finding a guitar method or teacher who specializes in that style can greatly benefit your learning journey. A method provides a structured learning path and covers a wide range of topics, while a teacher can provide personalized feedback and guidance. By using a method, a teacher, or both, beginners can ensure they're on the right track and making progress in their guitar playing.

Write a list of songs you hope to play one day

It's important to be patient but I recommend you write out your perfect song list. This will help you to stay clear about where you are going. If you decide to learn with a guitar teacher you can show them your list and they will be able to suggest songs to learn when the time is right. Writing out a list of songs you want to play can also provide motivation. One day when you can play those songs you will be able to see how far you've come and what areas you still need to work on. Overall, writing out a list of songs you want to play is a simple yet effective way to keep your guitar practice sessions engaging, motivating, and productive.

Create a practice schedule & stick to it

It may seem obvious but very few beginner guitar students keep a practice schedule. Keeping a practice schedule is crucial for beginner guitar students for several reasons. Firstly, it helps to create a routine and habit, making it easier to consistently set aside time for practice. Additionally, it allows for better time management, ensuring that you're making progress in all areas of your playing. Without a schedule, it's easy to neglect certain aspects of your playing or only practice what you're already comfortable with. Finally, keeping a practice schedule helps to track progress and identify areas that need improvement, allowing for more targeted and efficient practice sessions. Overall, a practice schedule is a simple yet powerful tool that can greatly benefit the learning journey of any guitar student, from beginner to advanced.

Focus on the important elements 80% of the time

A solution to the problem of doing too many things at once as a beginner guitar player is to prioritize and focus on key areas. Instead of trying to learn everything at once, focus on one or two important areas that will have the most impact on your playing. For example, start by mastering basic chords and strumming patterns before moving on to more complex techniques. It's also important to practice regularly and consistently, rather than trying to cram in hours of practice in one sitting. By prioritizing key areas and practicing consistently, beginners can see real progress and build a strong foundation for their guitar playing. Additionally, taking breaks and allowing time for rest and relaxation can help prevent burnout and keep motivation high.

Slow down and enjoy the process of learning

Learning guitar can be a challenging yet rewarding experience, but it's important to keep the enjoyment factor in mind. One way to make guitar practice more enjoyable is to remember why you started playing in the first place. Whether it's to impress your friends, play your favorite songs, or just have fun, keeping your goals and motivations in mind can help you stay focused and motivated. Additionally, it's important to find ways to make practice fun and engaging, such as incorporating games, playing along with your favorite songs, or learning new techniques. If you're not enjoying the process of learning guitar, it may be due to a lack of progress, which could be the result of not focusing on key areas or not practicing consistently. By prioritizing key areas, practicing regularly, and finding ways to make practice fun and engaging, beginners can ensure that they're making progress and enjoying the learning process.

We focus on the skills that matter most

7 Essential Skills

By focusing on these 7 important skills you will be playings songs sooner and better. 

Exercise Drills

With each essential skill we have created exercise drills designed to accelerate the learning process.


Through the use of colour we have made it easier to learn notes, strings and chords.

Kids & Adults

We have separate methods for 3 seperate age groups because we learn differently at each stage.

Progressive Steps

Every exercise is designed to be slightly harder than the one before to avoid sticking points. 


Our use of checklists allows you to track your progress in real time keeping you motivated.

What Do Our Students Say?

Jasmeen Kaur

Glenfield NSW, Australia

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank G4 for bringing music in my daughter's life. My daughter is 14 years old and she enjoys every guitar session. It is very structured style of learning music and students go step by step."

Janiel Fusco

Hardyston NJ. United States

"My son, Anthony, is 6 and expressed he wanted to play the guitar. Honestly my decision to go with Chris/G4 is because I had a coupon and I figured if my son didn't like it, it wouldn't be such a loss. My son looks forward to going to his lessons every week.  We couldn't be happier."

Carmen Martinez

Paddington, Sydney NSW, Australia

"I`ve been taking lessons for about two months and I am really enjoying it. I think the G4 method is very clear and easy to follow. I started my group lessons about two weeks ago and It has been fantastic so far. I enjoy practicing every day and I am excited to go to group lessons every week. Looking forward to keep learning."



G4 GUITAR was officially established in 2005 and is the result of David Hart's decades of guitar teaching experience. The first school opened in Sydney, Australia but has since expanded to teachers around the world. At G4 Guitar our goal is to make the process of learning guitar as easy and efficient as possible by constantly improving our method. 

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