Want To Learn Guitar Using A Proven Method?

Make no mistake. Learning guitar is challenging. At a guess around 90% of people who take up guitar end up quitting in the first year. My 30+ years of experience teaching guitar has shown me that it doesn't have to be this way. By using a proven system of learning guitar you dramatically increase your chances of success. I discovered there are 3 primary reasons people quit guitar.

The 3 Reasons People Quit Guitar

  • 1. Not enough time to practice
  • 2. Lack of motivation
  • 3. Lack of confidence

All three of these reasons are much the same and can easily be overcome. Research shows that we are more likely to take action if there are clear actionable steps. There is a big difference between being told to practice and been given exact steps as to what to practice. Perhaps you have experienced that frustration when buying a piece of IKEA furniture where the instructions are missing. After several attempts you lose interest swearing you'll only ever buy preassembled furniture in the future. On the other hand if the instructions are included and easy to follow we are motivated to see it through to completion. Guitar is no different.