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G4 GUITAR Online Program 

G4 GUITAR Online is for anyone who would prefer to self teach via an online program. Nothing beats a real teacher of course but G4 GUITAR Online is the next best thing. The video lessons are presented by our most experienced teachers and perfectly suited for beginners.


If you are serious about learning guitar this is for you. For less than the cost of a weekly guitar lesson you will get full access to our full course which includes digital copies of all of our books, video lessons and lots of resources. 

ONLY $19 Per Month

Structured method based on 30 years of research and development used by thousands of guitar students around the world.

What do you get?

  • 8 x PDF's covering the 7 Essential Skills such as Picking, Chords, Arpeggios, Scales, Rhythm, Reading and Music Theory.
  • 12 Checklists for different levels and different ages.
  • G4 GUITAR Student Member website access 
  • A complete video introduction to learning guitar for beginners covering the 7 Essential Skills.
  • BONUS videos presented by various G4 GUITAR Teachers from around the world.
  • Email support. Feel free to email questions during this time.
  • Cancel your subscription anytime.

Who is this course designed for?

Ideally for beginner students to intermediate level students. There are 3 separate courses including Young Beginners (4 & 5 year olds), Juniors (6 to 12 years) and Senior (teens and adults).

Before G4 Guitar i was considering giving up the guitar. I am once again enjoying playing and learning

Anthony Robinson 
Lane Cove AU

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ONLY $19 Per Month


Based on the 7 Essential Guitar Skills

G4 Guitar Method

When most people attempt to learn guitar they often begin with their favourite songs but this is a mistake. Its also the main reason why 95% of people who pick up a guitar quit within their first year. 

Why Learn Skills?

Before attempting songs you need skills. Imagine jumping into a swimming pool without the skill to swim or attempting to drive a car on a busy road without driving skills. In both cases we would not even consider it because of the danger involved. 

While obviously not life threatening attempting to play complicated songs on guitar before developing some basic schools is equally as foolish and the result is you are highly likely to become frustrated, lose your confidence and quit.

The 7 Essential Guitar Skills 

We have identified 7 Essential Skills which we recommend you learn and constantly develop to succeed on guitar and they are as follows;

  1. Picking – Developing your picking hand is at the top of the list because it is simply the most important skill. If your picking is not accurate your guitar playing will be sloppy. Its really that simple.

  2. Chords – Guitar players spend the majority of their time playing chords so this needs to be a high priority. With just a handful of chords you will be able to play thousands of songs.

  3. Arpeggios – Many classic songs like ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Hotel California’ and ‘Yesterday’ use arpeggios so developing this skill will allow you to play a much wider  more interesting range of songs making you sound professional.

  4. Scales – Guitar players love playing riffs and solos. Learning and mastering just a few standard scales will allow you to play a whole range of classic riffs and solos. Understanding scales also helps with song writing if you are so inclined.

  5. Rhythm – The guitar is often described as a percussive instrument. Flamenco is a good example of how percussive the guitar can be but it really doesn’t matter what style you choose. Rhythm is an essential component of the music.

  6. Reading – There are many great guitar players who don’t read music but I have included it because there are many benefits to learning how to read music. Reading music is not difficult and will allow you to communicate with other musicians.  

  7. Aural – This refers to your ability to hear and interpret music. Developing your ear will give you a huge advantage. Being able to listen to a guitar recording and then play it back on your instrument as you can imagine will make learning songs easier.


G4 GUITAR Student Testimonials

Jeff is an outstanding teacher. My daughter has learnt so much, her techniques are improving each week and she has become more confident. Jeff has reassured her at times when she felt she was struggling and offered her one to one if she needed it. Jeff is friendly, approachable and passionate about music and this most certainly shines out when teaching guitar. Regards – Nicola Peacock – Perth, Western Australia.

I love learning guitar with Jeff. I learnt more in my first lesson than I did in 4 with a more expensive company.  I’ll definitely be continuing with the G4 Method for a while. Thank you. Kind Regards. – Kalah Martin – Perth, Western Australia.

My name is Jessica Reid and I started my guitar lesson with Jeff in September.

I have had a great time learning how to play the guitar with Jeff. Jeff is very thorough in explaining the different processes of playing the guitar as well as giving feedback from lesson to lesson.

I have stopped my lessons at this point in time as I’m due to give birth to my 1st baby soon but I look forward to resuming my lessons with Jeff. Many thanks – Jessica Reid – Perth Western Australia

I think it’s a great way to learn I have picked it up and my Daughter loves it, I also want to say that Jeff is fantastic and I will be taking up the guitar in the New Year, – Regards, Ian Barlow – Perth, Western Australia.

We are very happy with the result. And Jeff (Cooke) is just wonderful. Maya Embry – Perth, Western Australia.

I’m quite enjoying the G4 Guitar Method and lessons.

I like and appreciate the way we are having to learn the skills and techniques of playing the guitar as a musical instrument, and not just playing tunes.  I believe this will make me a more accomplished and competent guitarist, one that other people will like to listen to.

Jeff is a good instructor, he is obviously a good guitarist and knows the subject, but is also motivating and inspirational.

I’m looking forward to lots of time for practice over the Christmas holidays. – Phil Hodgson. Perth, Western Australia.

My 7 year old son has been participating in the G4 Guitar method with Fernando in Flagstaff hill for the last 3 months and I’ve been amazed at his response to Fernando’s teaching and the method itself. He has relished in the challenge and also handled the strong focus on technique, which I wondered if he would grow impatient with. Fernando is very good at showing where the so-called ‘boring’ tasks, like practising picking, will be of value in the future by giving a practical example. One week he asked my son what bands he liked and he said the Hilltop Hoods. Fernando hadn’t heard of them (being from El Savador) but a week later he played one of their songs, showing that the arpeggios that my son had been learning, were exactly what was needed for their song. What a great practical example! He also reminds my son where the practice is coming out positively in his playing.

As much as I am often a ‘near enough is good enough’ sort of person, I really support the strong focus on technique because it will give my son a freedom to play anything he wants to in the future – and that is something that Fernando expresses too.

At times I wonder if the expectations are a tad high for a child that is trying desperately to be perfect with his first attempts, but I also know Fernando is trying to find that balance between pushing just the right amount to get the result, and also encouraging him. Most of the time he’s getting it spot on. Just occasionally I’ve wondered if Indie hasn’t quite grasped what he’s meant to be doing and so is internally freaking out a little…but more often than not, the gentle pushing is really getting a good result.

I like that the program has repetition but also has variations each week. I like the Daily 4 chart for following for homework.

I am enjoying participating in the classes too and am learning new things also. I practise with Indie as often as I can.Finally I really appreciate Fernando’s efforts and enthusiasm. He’s doing a great job.

If you have any specific questions I’m happy to answer them.

Cheers Cath Leo – Adelaide – South Australia.

I have found the lessons to be structured.  Judy, my tutor is fantastic.  You have provided very good resources.  The only other feedback perhaps is, that, could you please increase the font size, especially that of the chord exercise.

Great !! Rajni – Brisbane Australia.

Great person who knows how to make people learn guitar. Also a calm and very nice guy. Lets just say he knows how to make the class fun and very entertaining. If you live near lake forest and want to learn how to play guitar, this is the guy to go. – Jesus Linares – Mission Viejo CA.

David’s instruction will not only get you going in the right direction with your guitar playing, but will also help you establish the proper fundamentals for a lifetime of fun on the guitar! – John Scott Evans – Guitarist / Recording Artist

I had the pleasure of David teaching me Spanish guitar from an early age in London. He was a source of inspiration to me as I progressed through the grades and eventually started to learn electric guitar. As well as being a patient and thoughtful teacher, he also made lessons fun and introduced me to both the technical and feel based playing which set a solid foundation for my future musical career. I will not forget David as being my favorite and most memorable tutor in my youth.- Allan Fenwick, London, England

Working with David has been amazing! Not only is he a top notch guitarist and musician, he also has great character and is a lot of fun! – Gerrit Wind – Guitarist, Singer Songwriter, California

David taught me how to deconstruct a chord and find the right notes to fit the song, lessons that I use to this day and I have never forgotten. Maybe this is why as a musician, singers find it easy to work with him. His knowledge and willingness to listen to what is needed is unbeatable, he is quite simply a consummate guitarist and I am very proud of the music we produced and songs we have written together. – Graham Brooks – Singer, Song Writer, London England

Fantastic instructor. David is patient and engaging and my kids (ages 7, 8 & 12) have learned so much from him. They think he is awesome and they look forward to their weekly lessons. – Heidi G. Lake Forest CA. US.

“David is terrific. I like his teaching style. He’s patient and very effective in his lessons. My son has progressed very well in a short period of time. I recommend him and the G4 program”. – Vicki M. Lake Forest CA US.

David is a very knowledgable teacher and just a joy to learn from. If you want to learn how to be a good guitar player vs just learning a song, go see David. He truly understands the guitar and makes it fun and you build on each lesson. Thanks David! – Lisa V. – Dana Point CA

I would like to say thanks to Jay as he has been excellent with my son, & makes every lessons fun yet productive. With regards to the G4 method I believe the way in which it’s structured is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the guitar, my son has progressed over the last couple of months from not being able to hold a guitar correctly to now playing some basic cords & some simple tunes. I can see from his progression that if he continues attending lesson he will be at a good standard in years to come, I would have no issues in recommending this method to other people as we have found it works so well. Thanks. John Cadden – West Midlands UK.

My grandson has the lessons with Jay. He is 11 years old and Jay is always patient and encouraging.  He makes the lesson easy for him to follow, and tries to do different things with him to make it enjoyable, and interesting. I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who wants to learn to play, whatever age. – Churm Janet – Tipton UK.

Hi David, just to let you know that I’m very much enjoying learning with jay. Jay is extremely patient and fun to learn with. I hope this helps. – Stephen Mcilwraith – Tipton UK

Aedon is finding it very enjoyable. He plays every day and finds the material supplied very easy to follow. Jay is fantastic at supporting him. – Liz Lees – Tipton UK.

Jay is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher who is patient and gives clear instructions when going through the study material. The stepwise approach works and practice time tracker sheet continues to motivate my daughter to practice her guitar every day , and after 2 mths, she can play several tunes! Overall, very satisfied. – Denis Amar – Tipton UK.

Shane Allessio

The G4 method seems to be a great tool for teaching people the guitar, I sit in on my partners son’s lessons and have been very impressed how far he has come in short space of time. I once tried to teach myself the guitar and failed miserably through lack of real knowledge and guidance. Having watched the lessons I am now tempted to possibly book myself in and give it another go. Shane is very understanding, knowledgeable teacher, who as I have already mentioned is getting great results with my partners son in a very short space of time. I’m really hoping my partners son sticks with it, because I am really excited to see where Shane can get him to over the up and coming months. Yours thankfully  Andy Grosch – St Albans, UK.

I have really enjoyed the lessons with Shane; I like his approach and he is clearly knowledgebale & talented with the base guitar and other instruments. He is reassuring and enthusiatic. I have had 5 lessons I feel like I am making some progress and  that we are covering a broad base – though being a complete novice I have nothing to compare it to. If anything the lessons are too short!
I am trusting in Shane to get me to a place where I can play with a band at least once – no pressure Shane! – Martin H Davies – St Albans, UK.

Thanks for writing. I’m absolutely delighted both with Shane and with the G4 Method.
It is a privilege to be taught by as talented a musician as Shane, and he also strikes exactly the right tone in his lessons, working through the different disciplines in each lesson and keeping to the schedule while being flexible about aspects that need more or less work. I am a classically trained singer, ‘cellist, and (to a lesser extent) double & electric bass player, so I have a solid background in music and can recognise Shane’s great talents. He’s put me in a “group” (there’s only two of us so far, so still plenty of individual attention) with another trained musician who is also picking up guitar, so we’re on the same wavelength and can progress without any frustration about going back to the basics of theory etc.
I’m also a fan of the G4 Method. Compared with the learning curve on my other instruments, I’m making very rapid progress towards being able to play “proper” music and I attribute much of that to how well the course is structured. Even with little time to practice during the week, and no time to play things that are not in the syllabus, I’m loving being able to play (OK, much simplified…) versions of great songs and that’s a great motivator.
Regards, Andrew Wright – St Albans UK

So far I am finding the lesson very good. They are easy to follow and very enjoyable which is a lot to do with Shane.
The lesson seem to fly by and I am really enjoying the ways they are taught. Alec Norton – St Albans UK. 

My 4 year old son, Charlie, is loving his guitar lessons. Trevor the instructor makes the lessons so much fun and he is great with Charlie and very patient. My husband is enjoying revisiting the guitar and it is a great activity for the boys of our family to do together. We may have a budding rock star in the making! – Suzanna Brown – Horsham UK.

Very impressed, excellent structure to lessons/and clearly defined plan for the students to easily notice themselves improving and gain confidence in their guitar playing abilities. Cheers  from Anthony Rae. Lane Cove NSW

I am glad that I came across the G4 guitar program as it is well organised, has brilliant learning material to help re-inforce concepts and the help is never far away, via email or the G4 facebook group, all in all a great program to learn guitar. Thank you. Leesa. Newcastle NSW

Absolutely great thanks. – Erika Murrumba Downs QLD.

“We noticed a huge difference.  G4 Guitar is very structured and well organised. ” Melissa – Maroubra Sydney

“Before G4 Guitar i was considering giving up the guitar. I am once again enjoying playing and learning.” Anthony Robinson – Lane Cove Sydney

Your G4 Guitar method is an exceptional way of teaching anybody to play the guitar. Thanks – Glenn Williams (father of Orlando) Penrith.

“My daughter and I both started guitar lessons earlier this year with chris.

We are loving it. I really enjoy my lessons, and feel that he is a very proficient and competent guitar teacher. I really enjoy that the program provides concise training across all elements necessary for leaning guitar. And although I am still very much a beginner, I definitely want to continue to learn and develop my skills.”

Regards, Daniella Israel – Broadmeadow NSW.