G4 GUITAR SCHOOLS - Bring A Friend Week - Check with your teacher for dates

A few times each year we ask students to invite a friend along to their lesson. This has several benefits for the student. Firstly bringing a friend along to your lesson gives the student a chance to perform. When we know our friend will be coming to see us in action we tend to practice harder. We all need reasons to practice and sometimes the best reasons are external. I know whenever I have to perform for an audience I naturally step up my game.

Another great benefit is the fact that it may inspire our friend to learn guitar as well. One of the best ways to stay motivated about learning is to be learning with a friend. When we learn with a friend we can rally and inspire each other. You may even be able to start a band together one day. We know from years of experience that students who learn with a friend are more likely to persist and succeed on guitar.

So make sure you invite a friend along during 'Bring A Friend' week. To find out dates of your next 'Bring A Friend' week check with your G4 Guitar Teacher.