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What's So Special About G4 GUITAR?

Most guitar method books were written decades ago and are rarely, if ever updated. The G4 GUITAR METHOD is a unique skills based program based on efficient learning. By focusing on the developing the most important skills you learn faster with less effort .

With regards to the G4 method I believe the way in which it's structured is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the guitar.

John Cadden 
West Midlands UK

What Do We Mean By The 80/20 Of GUITAR?

The G4 GUITAR METHOD is based around the 80/20 Principle which says that 80% of results come from just 20% of your efforts. By focusing on the 20% which we call 'The 7 Essential Skills of Guitar' you will succeed much sooner with much less effort. This is especially important in the early months. I realised in my early years of teaching guitar that most students tended to quit in the first 6 months but those who made it past the first 6 month point were much less likely to quit. I also noticed when I was managing music schools that the rate of attrition among guitar students was much higher than most other instruments yet guitar was the most popular instrument. It just didn’t make sense to me. There had to be a good reason but as I discovered it was not easily uncovered. I eventually uncovered the answers and developed a whole new way of teaching guitar that saw my student success rates climb immediately. I found that understanding why students gave up in those early months was the key to long term success and became the basis to the G4 GUITAR METHOD. - David Hart Creator of the G4 GUITAR METHOD.

I am super happy to comment on your guitar school. I think it’s quite amazing! I was fortunate to chance upon five introductory guitar lessons at the G4 Guitar School. I commenced with some hesitation and trepidation as, although I am a children’s performer/singer/storyteller, I am mainly self taught and the idea of formal lessons made me fraught with anxiety. However, the clear instruction and methodology had me hooked. Furthermore, the support with practice and Joakim’s willingness to answer any question with ease and clarity and his overall patience has been very encouraging. I am inspired to continue!

Poppy Stoker 
Paddington NSW

Want To Know The 3 Secrets To Success On Guitar?

Based on over 30 years of research, we discovered the 3 secrets to success on guitar are as follows;

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