Success On Guitar Begins With Structure  

► Would you like an easier way to learn guitar?

► Are you interested in a guitar method that will improve your odds of success in less time  

Do you like the idea of structured lessons opposed to your typical random unstructured lessons?

► Would you like a teacher who is certified and understands the challenges you face?

If YES, keep reading....The G4 GUITAR METHOD is a STRUCTURED method based on the 80/20 RULE. Based on 30+ years of research G4 GUITAR will get YOU to your goal of PLAYING GUITAR SOONER because we focus on the skills that matter most. This provides EARLY WINS which are an important part of ultimate success. When we see PROGRESS we become INSPIRED and our CONFIDENCE grows.




Why Learn With G4? 

There are many reasons but here are 3 reasons to consider.

3 Reasons To Choose G4 GUITAR

  1. A proven structure method that will get you to your goal of playing songs faster.
  2. Qualified, highly skilled teachers who understand the guitar learning process.
  3. No extra hidden book costs. We supply all learning materials.

Designed Just For You 

We have programs designed for students as young as 4 years to adults of all ages.

Young Beginners 4 to 6 years

Our Young Beginners Course has been specifically designed for 4, 5 & 6 year olds.

Juniors 7 to 12 years

 Our Junior program has been designed ideally for 7 to 12 year olds.

Seniors 13+ years 

Our Senior program is designed for teenagers and adults. 

Video Demo 

Take a look inside the G4 GUITAR METHOD.

So far, I have been learning guitar with G4 Guitar for just over half a year and have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons. I feel that the structure of classes and practice schedules has helped keep me on track and even this early on, I can see that it is starting to provide results. The lessons are fun and I enjoy attending them and learning with G4. Thanks to the G4 Guitar Method, I am doing so much better than I could have if I had just decided to self-learn the instrument.

Rachel Porter 
Glenfield AUS

Student Reviews 

Here are a few sample reviews from our students

I am super happy to comment on your guitar school. I think it’s quite amazing! I was fortunate to chance upon five introductory guitar lessons at the G4 Guitar School. I commenced with some hesitation and trepidation as, although I am a children’s performer/singer/storyteller, I am mainly self taught and the idea of formal lessons made me fraught with anxiety. However, the clear instruction and methodology had me hooked. Furthermore, the support with practice and Joakim’s willingness to answer any question with ease and clarity and his overall patience has been very encouraging. I am inspired to continue!
Poppy Stoker 
Paddington NSW

With regards to the G4 method I believe the way in which it's structured is perfect for anyone wanting to learn the guitar.
John Cadden 
West Midlands UK